How to Wipe Away Tea Stains, Remove Burned Popcorn Smell and Make Your Balcony Door Slide Again

How to wipe away tea stains. Your daily teatime break can leave hard to remove stains inside of your cup. How to take them off?

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Easy, pour one-tablespoon baking soda on a damp cloth and wipe over the stains in a circular motion.

The friction from the soda particles polishes away the marks.

How to sew o more secure button. You can sew your button in an easier and secure way. If your button has four holes, sew instead tow holes, than break the thread. Re- knots it, and then sews the other two. That way if the thread on one side breaks, the button will not fall off.

How to remove burned popcorn smell. Get rid of odours in your microwave by combining one-cup, the grated peel and juice of one lemon and several cloves in a microwave glass. Put microwave on high for three minutes and leave in the glass until is cool. Wipe off the walls of oven and then you can just enjoy your clean and fresh aroma.

What to do. If your sliding door for your balcony is not working properly, you should check the doorframe. Over the time, dirt is going to build a thin film. What

you can do is to clean the frame. The easy way to do it is spritz Windex and leave for a few minutes. After that just use a damp cloth and remove the dirt.

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