Summery outdoor living room vs Conservatory

Beautiful outdoor living room – take inspiration from your home interior

An outdoor living room is made for those warm and sunny days when you want the comfort of being inside your home while you are outside, in the garden. Here, in this article, we give you inspiration and tips on how to make your outdoor space, like the backyard garden, the most important “room” of the summer.

Lovely Conservatory

After all, in a gorgeous, sunny day, few things are better than being able to relax and rest into your blooming outdoor living room. But how can you actually turn an ordinary patio that will be used for barbecue and outdoor dinners into a stylish outdoor living room?

The answer is simple. Be personal, creative, and get inspiration from your own home interior.  Do not also forget to add some outdoor furniture pieces and a little sense of space, and you are well on your way to a beautiful outdoor living room or if you are lucky enough to have a special room for that, to a stylish conservatory.

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You will find there, many great and smart design ideas for both indoor and outdoor of your home.

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Conservatory and outdoor living room

Whether you own an impressive glassed-in conservatory or a small patio terrace, the outdoor space often feels more chic and inviting when it reflects a bit of your home interior style and at the same time allowing you to spend many hours in the middle of nature.

So, take inspiration from the surroundings and from your home interior. After all a lovely outdoor living room contributes to a natural and smooth transition between outside and inside and outside.

Modern garden furniture in rattan and outdoor sofa and sitting groups have become timeless and suit both country style and contemporary style. Aluminum outdoor furniture is another good choice. It offers clean lines and fits perfectly in a modern conservatory.

Inspiration for a flexible outdoor living room

If you are going to furnish and decorate an outdoor living room for the first time, the best idea is to think carefully about how you will use it.

Many of us want to be able to use their outdoor living room for both, relaxation, and late dinners.

In this case, it is better the dining table to have an adjustable height, so you can turn that in a lounge table during the day.

It also is important to remember that all furniture and textile accessories need to be suitable for outdoor use.

Otherwise, condensation, rainwater, and especially sunlight will leave their mark on untreated items over time.

Tips and inspiration for a more outdoor living room

Although many people prefer a conservatory with large glass windows, it can also be nice and cozy to enhance the sense of space. This can be done, for example, hanging textiles or curtains on some of the conservatory walls.

Even if you have a small or large outdoor room, the sense of space always has a lot to say if you want to create an intimate and cozy and atmosphere.

Cover the floor with mats and carpets – they are so comfortable to walk on and it gives the room more life, color, and warmth.

Complement the décor with lanterns, candles, and plenty of throws, decorative pillows, and blankets, and everything will be set for memorable, long evenings throughout the hot season months.

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