The Latest Trends in The Living Room Design, #6

What exactly are the latest trends for the living room design in this year?

Many top interior designers have some ideas. Several of them predict the rise of earthy, brown color combinations, displayed in fabrics, textiles, leather, or terracotta walls.

Others visualize an increase in nature-inspired accents, shapes, and surfaces.

In other words, the newest trends are everything that feels welcoming, inviting, warmth, and cozy.

After all, in the latest years, our home interiors have become the main living space of our lives where we rest, sleep, work, and socialize.

Every corner and every décor item we are surrounded buy, must have a purpose.

If you need to know more about the latest trends and you also need inspiring creative living room design ideas, please watch the new uploaded video from the YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” , where we have selected ones of the best design ideas for living rooms from this beginning of the year.

The Latest Trends in The Living Room Design, #6 (video)

Watch our video, check out the wonderful images, and find the right idea regarding the latest trends for your own living room.

Meanwhile, many older and popular design choices of the past decade are falling in the people preferences. I am speaking about the all-white, cold neutrals such as grey color palette, minimalism style that may look impersonal, crisp, and provides little visual comfort.

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What’s new in the living room design?

Brown color like chocolate brown and caramels are back. Lat times when we have seen such an emerge of brown color was in ‘70s.

This time the brown color will be in combination with deep neutral colors for a rich and elegant home interior.

It will also be a return of earthy brown from cognac nuances to burnt hues.

Photo bySearch living room pictures

Nature-inspired objects and surfaces

Because in the latest years we have spent and we are spending a lot of our time indoors we need to strengthen our connection with outdoors, with the nature.

Therefore, we are going to meet a resurgence in natural surfaces like terracotta, stoneware, travertine, and marble.

Texture, earthy colors, and things from outdoor – the new home interior décor.

We will see a desire for rich, organic materials in warmer tones.

We sincerely hope you like our ideas from this post, and you have also enjoyed the YouTube video.

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