The most beautiful ideas for your wall paint

The visual effect of the colors

Due to the large surfaces the color of the walls dictates the atmosphere and the look of the whole home interior décor.

They also have an important rectification role concealing all the imperfections of the walls.

Beautiful color palette 1

Not to mention that you can make a room seems larger or smaller with the help of the color schemes.

So, what are the most beautiful color combinations for a home interior?

How should I paint the walls in my living room?

Or in the bedroom?

You need to watch our video if you are asking yourself with these questions.

In our new uploaded video: “The Most Beautiful Ideas for Your Wall Paint” from the YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” will show you ones of the most beautiful ideas regarding the colors of the home interior walls.

This video is the 20th part of the video series “Decorating with Colors”. With this occasion we warmly recommend you watch the other 19 parts.

The Most Beautiful Ideas for Your Wall Paint, Decorating with Colors #20 (video):

We have chosen here fabulous wall painting ideas and the correlation between the color of the walls and the colors of the furnishing and decorating accessories.

As usually the video is in 4K, 60 fps.

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The wall color largely determines the color palette of the whole room décor

How I have told you before the color of the walls dictate the color scheme of the home interior.

If you want an elegant and stylish home interior, you need to harmonize the color of the walls with the colors of your furnishing and decorative accessories.

So, depending on the room, design style, and the interior stuff the choice of the wall color should be carefully considered.

Beautiful color palette 2
Light wall color palettes

Light color schemes are fit for small spaces with little light. So, white, cream, light blue, light grey, cream, pastels can make a small living space to look larger than it really is and can turn a dark living space into a brighter home interior.

Strong eye-catcher wall colors

Strong color schemes such as red, dark blue, and yellow are indeed great eye-catchers. An accent wall in one of this color can be the room focal point.

But attention! Do not paint all walls in these strong colors and nuances.

It will look overwhelming. Use the colors in moderation. Just one wall; the others in neutral colors.

There are many other ideas such as:

– wall colors from orange, to yellow, and red.

– painting the walls in cold colors such as green and blue.

– dramatic wall colors such as dark grey and black.

And much more. We will speak about them in our future posts.

We sincerely hope you like our ideas from this post, and you have also enjoyed the YouTube video.

I hope you will find the right color ideas for your own home interior walls.

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