The Quietest Portable Generators

In my opinion, every household should own a portable generator. They are indispensable for many activities where there is no other possibility of power such as constructing, sail boating, camping or even as power supply in special cases.

The new, modern portables generators, regardless of the type and model, whether portable or diesel- or gas- powered, are easy and simply to use.

However, because usually they are composed of a turbine that generates electricity, they are quite noisy and annoying. It is therefore important to find the type of portable generator that is both efficient and quiet.

In this article, I will try to present some of the quietest portable generators.

Portable Generator
Honda Generator EU3000is

1| Honda EU3000is Generator

I do not think it’s someone who does not know Honda products. Honda is a brand, which needs no presentation. Honda products whatever they are cars, motorcycles or motor boats, are distinguished by an excellent quality, accuracy, reliability, low cost  and last but not least by the latest technology .

This portable generator could be the right generator for your household, if you want a clean, quiet and stable power for your devices and appliances. For example, gas-powered generators can run almost 20 hrs, without having to change the gas cylinder, providing more than 3,000 watts.

Portable Generator
Yamaha EF1000IS

2| Yamaha EF 1000iS Generator

Another famous brand is Yamaha. Yamaha EF 1000iS is in fact, the new generation of portable generators, because it stands out through an impressive durability, a lightweight. Also, it is easy to handle and most importantly is extremely quiet.

Portable Generator
Honeywell HW2000i

More than that, it provides 1,000 watts, which is almost double compared to other models of the same size. It can run more than 12 hours on a single gas cylinder and can power all your appliances.

3| Honeywell HW2000i

This Honeywell product is an ultra light, quiet and portable generator weighing only 60 lbs. However, it is able to function almost 5 hours providing 2,000 watts on one single gas tank.

It is a very popular generator due to its stylish design and latest inverter technology.

Portable Generator
Kipor Digital Sinemaster KG

4| Kipor Digital Sinemaster KGE 1000Ti

Kipor Digital Sinemaster KGE 1000Ti is a highly efficient gas-powered portable generator that can function almost 9 hours, without refilling the gas tank. It can generate enough electricity to power several electric devices in the same time. More than that it is a very quiet generator due to its dampening system that can reduce significantly the noise.

Portable Generator
Robin Subaru R1700i Silent Series

5| Robin Subaru R1700i Silent Series

This portable generator is durable, ultra light, quiet and eco-friendly generator. It is also a gas-powered generator that can provide about 1,650 watts running 4 hours on a single gas gallon.

Unlike other portable generators, it has an oil sensor that can turn off the generator if the oil level drops.

It is an efficient portable generator, light and quiet and it can be a smart choice for someone who likes to camping and travel.

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