The Antiquation of Wooden Furniture – Creative Ideas

Old furniture is often appreciated because it has a history and a personality that increase its value, not to mention the sentimental value.

However, if you do not intend to spend large sums to purchase a piece of furniture with an authentic patina, but appreciate the style, you can quite easily and on a budget, to make your furniture look much older than it really is.

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From wardrobes, to tables, chairs, picture frames and mirror frames, wood can be reconditioned to get a patina look, which can give your home the impression of warmth and sophistication.

The Antiquisation Process

Antiquisation process of wood involves sanding, painting and varnishing. You should choose the colors and shades depending on the period and the style that you want to be represented by your furniture.

Whether you pay attention to a lighter palette, such as green, white, blue or ocher, either use darker shades to simulate the types of wood such as mahogany, it all depends on the rest of the furniture and where, you want to fit the reconditioned piece.

1| Sanding: Start by sanding with very abrasive sandpaper the first coat of paint or varnish on furniture so that the new paint can be properly absorbed. Pay special attention to areas that are naturally most susceptible to wear, such as edges and corners, drawers, legs and handles area. However, if your piece of furniture is unpainted and unvarnished, then it is enough to sand it lightly, with fine sandpaper, and to dust it.

2| Painting: Apply a first coat of white or a light, milky color. Let it dry for a day, then sand it to expose the wood furniture underneath, focusing on subject areas that typically wear.

The second option would be to apply another layer of paint after sanding and partially removed the first layer. Let the second coat to dry and follow the procedure described above to you manage to expose both the first coat of paint, and wood.

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Combines the two colors so that the result to produce a pleasant effect. Here are some examples of successful combinations: brown and turquoise, white and brown, dark blue and brown, brown and pistachio, red and brown, beige and gray.

3| More Authenticity: For added authenticity, you can use a hammer, chains and nails that will leave marks on the wood surface that will simulate termite holes or bruises produced over time.

4| Highlighting the Decorative Elements: Finally, you can choose to personalize your furniture by painting its various decorative elements. A smart idea is to inspire from the French style to create your own custom designs. Use templates, if you want a symmetrical pattern, and a thin brush. Use colors that will contrast pleasantly with the previously applied coatings.

Finally, protects the entire surface of the furniture with lacquer and enjoy an original and unique object, reconditioned within a low budget.

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