How to Remodel a Contemporary Dining Room

Today, a modern, contemporary house cannot be conceived without dining room.

Dining room is the place where you entertain your guest or you take your dinner together with your family. So, dining room has to be a stylish, elegant, maybe a sophisticated room and also, a cozy place.

How can you improve the look, or in other words how you can give a face-lift to your dining room?

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1. First of all you should start updating the flooring. The best way is to remove your old fashioned carpet. You can replace it with engineering hardwood floor. Or maybe you would prefer ceramic tiles or contemporary carpet squares. Natural stone flooring will definitely add charm and value to your home.

However, if you have decided on engineering hardwood flooring, you will need to protect the surface from scratches from chairs and dining table. You may consider a modern, thick, vivid colored rug to protect your new flooring and add beauty and style to your dining room.

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2. To give a cozy feeling to this room you need to paint one wall in warm or pastel colors. You can choose from yellow, orange, reddish brown, red brick or lime green. Consider adding texture and pattern. Wallpaper with discrete colors and contemporary patterns will bring style and sophistication to your dining room.

3. Furniture is the utmost importance in any dining room. You should find what kind of furniture represent your style and match with the rest of the living room furniture. However, avoid a heavy and with too many details furniture. Remember, you want a modern and contemporary dining room. Choose for simply, modern pieces with clear lines made from solid wood, glass and stainless steel. If you have enough room a china cupboard will complete your arrangement. A simple vase or bowl of fruit will give an elegant look to your dining table.

4. For a contemporary look is necessary a contemporary light fixture. A modern and beautiful chrome finishes or brushed nickel light fixture will complete the look of the dining room. Please avoid a big, and heavy chandelier. It won’t fit in a modern, simply and elegant dining room.

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