Tips for Buying a Baby Monitor

Even if in the past a Baby Monitor (baby monitor) seems an invention detached from a science fiction movie, today it began to be a regular presence in the bedrooms of many little ones thus enabling parents to supervise from a distance.

In fact this is the role of a baby monitor, to oversee the new family member during the period when is too small, and any type of Baby Monitor has only more or less accessories, and, of course, another price.

Crib with Monitor
Baby Monitor

There are virtually dozens of models, some made by famous brands, and each tries to provide exactly that combination of useful and enjoyable that you need. So it is not exaggerated if after you decide to buy such a device, you seek one that fits with the style and ambiance of the house where you live. It is not snobbery, only aesthetic sense.

But how to choose just the type of monitor that you need? What are the useful features and what are the simple fun accessories that you do not really need?

You will surely find many models of baby monitors, which at first sight do not differ from each other except by price and appearance. However, beyond advertising and vendor recommendations, keep in mind what you really need.

The House Size: The first problem is that of space. If you need to watch your baby from the next room or the whole house is quite small, any model will prove sufficient even a cheaper one. However, if you have a large house or deck, look for a model with a large radius of emission, to make sure you hear what happens to the child at any time.

Electronic Interference: Baby monitors, like all other electronics, are susceptible to various interference, even more than a TV, for example. If neighbors from the apartment next to you have a high-powered baby monitor that uses the same channel you could hear what was going on there, and they will hear what your child is doing. Or worse, these electronic devices may block or you will wake up running to the nursery alarmed to realize later that it was a simple device error, caused by interference.

Another strong source of interference is the cordless phones, already a common presence in any home. So to avoid a wide range of unpleasant surprises, choose a model from the start that is protected against interference. Even though it might seem too expensive, the investment is worthwhile.

Video Monitors: Older models and the simple will only allow you to hear what makes your child; the more modern variants offers a video and can really monitor the baby’s movements and breathing rate. These baby monitors are more expensive, but very useful if you do constantly worry. However you cannot always watch the screen, so you need to select a model with a warning sound good enough.

You can choose a model with motion sensors, but do not rely too much on them, hoping the child will be safe. The best is to check how he is doing from time to time.

Baby Monitors with Two or More Receivers: If you need to supervise children using this system, but it is impossible to stay in one room, you should invest in a more complicated system. Common models have a transmitter in the nursery and one or two receivers in other rooms to allow parents to hear their child. Some prefer to buy several sets for surveillance when they have more children, but you need to choose models that do not interfere.

The final aspect that might be overlooked is whether or not the chosen model is portable. Nothing is more uncomfortable than always carrying the impressive receiver in the house, so choose a model accordingly.

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