Tips for the Hallway Arrangement

The hallway arrangement could require more effort and time than the arrangement of bedroom, kitchen, living room any other rooms of your home because they are places of transition and connection between rooms and therefore must fit into the overall style of the arrangement of the whole house.

The entrance hall arrangement must also be functional, offering a visually impact or at least to have something special because it is the first contact that someone has with your home.

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Functional Role but also an “Art Gallery”

Hallways are designed to link different functional areas of a home, but that does not mean they ca, paintings not become decorative spaces with a high aesthetic level. One way to make the transition through a hallway more pleasant is to turn it in an “art gallery“.

On the hallway walls, you can display family photos, artwork or interesting souvenir that you have from your favourite holidays. These simple things will definitely make that hallway become more welcoming and familiar. You can use shelves or build niches, if the space allows, where you will be able to display decorative items or other items that are special for you and are falling in the arrangement style.

To make your lobby an “art gallery” you must use an element that will become a link of the arrangement and will unify all the decorative pieces.

For example you can use the same model but different frame sizes or complementary shades.
You can choose a design theme that you can use it all over the house, a dominant color or a material that will be reflected in the other rooms.

To create a composition of paintings on a main wall of the hallway, it is recommended to use an odd number of paintings, usually three or five, so that the composition becomes pleasing to the eye. In addition, you can place the paintings at different heights to give some dynamism to the composition.

Try to use in the hall, colors in the same color gamut as in the rest of the house to create a unified arrangement. To create a focal point in hallway you can opt for a wall covered in wallpaper, patterned in relief that can be lit by a wall sconce.

Storage Areas

Not recommended but often, hallways are used as storage areas because of insufficient storage space in the apartments.

In order for the hallway, not to look too cluttered, you can opt for recessed or multi-functional wardrobe that has the same colour as the walls. Thus the storage space will not stand out in a negative way.

You can also choose a decorative clothes rack that can become the focal point of the hallway.

The Hallway Must Have Personality

If you do not have enough time to redecorate the hall, then you can use some interesting accents easily achievable, which will provide some personality to the hallway.

Try to paint a contrasting colored horizontal stripe along the length of hallway in which to fit the switches.
You can replace the classic ceiling light fixtures with two or three decorative hanging lamps.
You can also opt for an interesting composition made ​​of mirrors of different shapes, so you will create a focal point and will also create the feeling of a larger space.

Your home hallway arrangement can be simplified using these tips.

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