Tips to Save Money when You Hire a Professional Painter

At a first glance, it seems a good idea to paint yourself your home. Being a painter does not look too complicated. You do not need too many tools or material. Perhaps more important is to protect your floor and stuff. Still not to worry. You just throw a plastic sheet and some tape on stuff and floor you do not consider painted and start using your roller and paintbrush.

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On a second thought, things are not so simple. Painting can be sometime a tricky business and if you want a quality job, you need someone with skill and experience. However, a poor painting job will definitely affect your home value, not to mention that many areas such as high rooms, balconies or stairwells can be quite dangerous to work around if you are afraid of heights and you are not used to work with ladders.

In addition, the cost of a professional is offset by the fact that they can get all their panting materials at a discount.

Therefore, hiring a professional painter perhaps is not after all, a bad idea. So, if you have decided to hire a professional painter for painting your home, here are some tips to save money.

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Perhaps you want your entire inside of your home to be painted not only the walls. If you need ceilings, doors, trim, baseboards and crown moldings painted as well as your walls. In this case, the total price will be significantly higher than if you want only your home walls painted.

Therefore, you have to decide what surfaces really need painted especially if you are on a quite tight budget. Actually, you can make an estimate on how money you can save asking for a quote for the whole home as well a quote for just the areas you really need to be painted.


It is no problem to go from light to a dark color, but covering a strong dark color such as purple, burgundy, chocolate brown, dark shades of grey, green or blue will be more expensive.

You need to consider the cost of one or two more coats of primer and paints and of course, the cost of extra-labor to apply these extra-coats.

You can cut the total cost by going with a similar hue or shade (darkness) of color.


Painting your entire home in one single neutral color has many advantages.

First of all, painting your home in a neutral color will make even, a small bachelor to look more spacious.

Second, if you want to sell your home, a neutral color is the most appropriate color. It will allow the buyer to imagine how it will look his new home. In fact, a neutral color is the right color for any style.

But most important to you is that a neutral color is less expensive since it is bought in bulk.