Tricks and tips to disinfect and clean your home wooden furniture

It is essential to maintain in perfect condition and correctly your wooden furniture. In this way, they always look like new and will last “forever”.

Furniture made from wood has a lot of advantages. One of them is the ease of maintaining and cleaning. This is so important today, especially in these difficult times that require the disinfection of our homes.

All living spaces must be disinfected and cleaned, including all furniture pieces, with special products indicated to combat viruses. The cleaning and disinfecting of our homes is every family member’ task if we want to preserve our health.

Therefore, in this article we will give you several tricks and tips to disinfect and clean your wooden furniture.

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Use only products that do not change the furniture color

On the market there are many cleaning and disinfecting products that are special manufactured for this purpose. There also are many natural products. It is your choice.

But first, you must consider the material type for the best selection of these products, and also you must not forget to wax your furniture at least once a week so that the shine on them to last.

Use only a wood protector that does not contain chemical components or ammonia that are adverse to the furniture composition.

Let’s see several ideas:

Oil is a great ally that help you to preserve your wooden furniture

All experts recommend oil. It is the best product that can help you to preserve wooden furniture. Especially, olive oil is ideal as it repairs and creates a protective layer extending in this way the life of your furniture.

Wood is a unique material, but it also is a delicate material. Therefore, natural products are especially good for wooden furniture helping to prevent allergies and diseases.

Use green, healthy cleaning products

Perform a good maintaining and cleaning of your furniture respecting at the same time the environment. Take care of your health because green cleaning products are free of toxic products.

The use of ecological, green and healthy cleaning and maintaining products has become an option worldwide, because in addition to contributing to non-contamination of the environment, they also are effective and affordable.

Do you want several examples? Just mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with one liter of water and you will have the ideal disinfectant to clean your wooden furniture.

And if we are talking about eliminating bad odors from your, place old coffee in a cloth bag and leave it in the kitchen cabinets to act overnight.

First analyze the furniture finish type and then choose the product

The furniture finish is extremely important when choosing the cleaning or maintenance product.

For example. There are furniture pieces which are painted, other furniture pieces are lacquered or varnished with different, rustic or smooth textures. These furniture characteristics will always define the cleaning and maintenance way and of course the cleaning product type.

The cleaning frequency for wooden furniture

Try to keep your wooden furniture always disinfected and clean. It will in fact reflect your own image of neatness and order.

The cleaning and maintenance frequency largely depends on the exposure they have to sunlight, dust and stains from spilled food and drinks.

The last thing we want are dust layers on the furniture surfaces that take away the beauty and shine of the furniture. So, it needs to be cleaned it daily, or at least once a week.

Alcohol is a good disinfectant in epidemic times

And last but for sure not least alcohol is a great disinfectant product in these unusual and tough times.

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