Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Architects and designers believe that the bathroom should not be seen just as a home utility space that you use to brush your teeth and take a quick shower in the evening. Instead, the main bathroom of the house should be built into the bedroom (an ensuite bathroom) to create a complete oasis for rest, relaxation, comfort and why not, romance.

Increasingly more homeowners are looking to include spa facilities in their own bathroom, which is thus becoming more luxurious. The role of bathrooms becomes more complex and the facilities of a modern bathroom begin to approach the facilities offered by a spa. Today’s bathroom is a far cry from the cramped grandparent’s old bathroom.

To transform your bathroom into a welcoming retreat, in a true spa, it is necessary that the entire space to be enjoyable, both in terms of temperature, and of aesthetics, especially in terms of comfort and facilities that you can benefit from.

However, before you start turning this room into a spat, set a budget, considering that the offer of luxury amenities and accessories fit for a spa and recommended by all designers, knows no bounds in terms of price.

Here’s a shopping list recommended by designers:

  1. A deep tub or Jacuzzi to relax fully soaked in warm water.
  2. If you prefer showers, choose a hydro-massage shower. You can also customize the location of shower heads on the wall and / or ceiling to enjoy an invigorating massage. Most of these systems led allows you to adjust the jet pressure, temperature, music and steam for a customized spa therapeutic experience.
  3. If we talk about a new house, floor heating is a smart choice that offers more comfort. For a complete experience, also use heated towel bars.
  4. If you like long hot showers or baths you need a mirror demister.
  5. For a classic and refined use quality materials that will withstand time, such as natural stone, metal, glass and
  6. handmade tiles.

Modern Bathrooms | Interior Design Ideas #7 (video)

Add your favorite accessories such as scented candles, fluffy carpets and flowers to accomplish your new favorite place. Having these facilities recommended by all designers your bathroom looks indeed like a spa.