Turn Your Studio into Your Dream Apartment

You use to think of your dream home as a luxurious, big house, perhaps a mansion with enough space for everything that can make your life more exciting and enjoyable.

But the reality is that most of the people live in several hundreds of square feet, a small apartment or condominium. However, that is not a reason to wait to buy or build your dream home. Even if you live in a studio apartment with a limited space, doesn’t mean your home can’t fulfill all of your dreams and hopes. You can create; turn your tiny living space into your dream apartment. You need only several creative and smart design and decorative ideas.

Best Small Studio Apartment Designs | Scandinavian Style Design #39 (video)

Try Room Dividers

Room dividers can be a smart solution. You can go way beyond the usual screens and curtains. Try room dividers made from wood such as panels or doors, turning them into wooden walls. They can easily be reused as room dividers. A wooden wall placed at the end of your bed is a smart and the best idea for privacy.

Use the Entire Space of Your Studio from Floor-to-Ceiling

Build up, don’t let empty space, use the all height from floor to ceiling. In this way you will have plenty of storage space for all your stuff.

Add a Few Elegant Decorative Accessories

A few elegant decorative accessories such pillows, cushions, pictures, maybe a chandelier will make all the difference.

Get Transparent Furniture

See-through pieces of furniture such a glass coffee table, plastic (ghost) chairs or a plastic dining table can add an airy feeling to your studio apartment. They are not expensive, don’t block the light and make your tiny space to look more spacious.

Loft Bed

A bunk or a loft bed is a great idea for a limited space if you have high ceilings. That is a great idea. You will maximize your tiny space of your studio apartment creating another level for your “bedroom”.

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