How to Protect Your Family during Demolitions and Renovations

During demolition and renovations, your family can encounter a number of potentially harmful substances, and safety considerations. There are some simple steps to fallow for parents to reduce the risks in their home.

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The most basic step is avoiding harmful substances that can be found in dust and renovation materials. This is important for toddlers, suffering people and pregnant woman to avoid that area in the house that is going to be renovated.

A way to control dust getting everywhere into your house is to seal off the working area with a divider made by plastic sheets and close the ducting vents.

As part of your renovation project, another way to improve air quality while you work is to choose finishes, glues and paints without toxic fumes.

Specifically, those that are labeled as “VOC-free”, “zero-VOC” or “low – VOC”.

VOC stands for volatile organic compound and means a class of chemicals that can be dangerous to your family health.

During your home renovation is also an opportunity to reduce your impact on the environment, while you are creating a healthier and more comfortable space living for you and your family.

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