Ladder – A Perfect Tool for Your Household

Even if you are not professional a worker, you definitely need a ladder in your household to reach various heights and do many easy maintenance works in your house, greenhouse, garage or garden.

Everyone needs a ladder even just to hang a picture or change a bulb. Although most of us can use a chair or a table to reach a certain height, they are not always very reliable.

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Wooden Ladder

How High Should Be a Household Ladder?

A ladder of 1.5 m (about 4.9 ft) height is ideal and very practical in any home. It has 3-5 steps. You can use it efficiently to paint the walls.

A ladder made of aluminum is lightweight and has an “A” shaped anchor system. This ladder is a guarantee of stability and safety.

There are telescopic ladders with 2 to 4 telescopic parts secured by fastening click. They are mainly used for outside jobs such as roof repairs or painting of the exterior walls.

You can also use it to cut smaller branches of trees to clean and cut vines and to harvest the autumn fruits. However, when are using them make sure they are stable and on solid ground.

This ladder is very practical, can be quickly and easily folded and can be used both outside and inside. After use, it can be stored without taking up too much space in your warehouse or storeroom.


Choosing a Ladder

When choosing a ladder you must consider several things. Besides the desired height, you need to look at the material it is made. Some can be made of wood, some of aluminum.

Pay attention to its steps, check how wide and stable is. Generally, there are 2 models of stairs, the platform genre, wider and more stable, and the like bar, thinner, not always backed by plastic adherent.

The superior platform should be set well especially at small ladders. Before buying it is highly recommended to try them, to see how easy it is to use them and how well you can handle them. However, overall safety must be the first priority when buying a ladder.