Use Azek Recycled Pavers for Your Projects

“Azek Pavers” are indeed an innovative product that can be used in many and diverse home projects.  These pavers are perhaps without any exaggeration, the most easiest, socially responsible and durable pavers in the world.

They are generally produced from a combination of recycled rubber and a bit of plastic. Unlike traditional pavers you can drop a plate on them without breaking the plate.

They come in three styles:

a)     Standard “Azek” Landscape Pavers;

b)    Permeable “Azek” Landscape Pavers;

c)     “Azek” Resurfacing Pavers.

Standard and Permeable Landscape pavers are used usually to cover driveways, walkways and patios being installed on sand.

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Resurfacing pavers are thinner than landscape pavers and are installed generally, over existing flat roofs and slabs.

Environmentally Friendly Material: These pavers are changing completely the old mentality that landscape pavers should be made only from clay or concrete. Azek pavers are a technologically advanced and innovative product. They are an environmentally friendly product because they are made from about 95% recycled rubber and plastic. Therefore this type of pavers can be considered with certainty the most socially responsible paver type in the world. In fact, these pavers can easily outperform other pavement types, such fly ash pavers (by more than 10-times), helping any home project to earn LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design). Not to mention that Azek pavers production requires 94% less energy and releases in atmosphere 96% less CO2 than any other concrete product.

Great Appearance, Durability and Strength: Although is produced almost entirely from recycled materials Azek pavers have the durability and physical strength of concrete, not to mention their great appearance. In other words, they are simply better pavers than traditional ones made of clay or concrete. More than that, azek pavers will not crack over time.

Azek Pavers – Colour Options: Azek pavers come in a wide range of natural colours that are conceived to resist fading. Among colours we can enumerate “boardwalk”, “redwood”, “village”, “olive” Waterwheel”, etc.

Although their finish and colour may weathers over time (six months or more) the weathering will not affect their durability and their appearance.

Easy and Simple Installation: The installation of these pavers is done on the principle “work smarter, not harder”. They are installed over a patented grid system. A huge difference from the traditional installation of concrete pavers. No need to align and set the pavers, not to mention that these pavers are just one-third the concrete paver weight.

Maintenance: We can say that Azek pavers are maintenance free, just occasionally you need to replace the lost joint sand. They don’t require stains or sealers to maintain their colour.

Azek pavers are highly resistant to chemical and staining damage from fertilizers, pesticides or pool chemicals. However, you should clean quickly any chemical spill, such as paint or petroleum, using an industrial cleaner, otherwise is possible that this chemical to affect the product surface.

Choosing Azek pavers for your home projects is indeed a smart decision.

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