Special Breeds of Rabbits

Rabbits are ranked on a leading position in preferences of pet lovers because they are little mammals that can live easily even in an apartment, and are affectionate and gentle creatures that get along very well with children.

If you like these little pets and are curious to find out what are the best known breeds of rabbits, here are four of the most popular.

1. The Rabbit with Long Ears (English Lop)

Very loved by animal lovers rabbits with long and drooping ears are part of the oldest breeds of rabbits. The popular name of this rodent “English Lop”, it was inspired by the shape of his head with long and hanging ears.

The rabbit with long ears is the first rabbit pet in history, according to documents from the nineteenth century, and the British aristocrats were fascinated by this animal.

Living life expectancy of this breed of rabbit is 5 years.

2. Arctic Hare(Lepus Arcticus)

Arctic or polar hare lives in the tundra regions of Greenland, and northern areas of Canada and Alaska.

This species has adapted to the harsh conditions of life and has a white-gray thick coat.

In its natural environment, this polar breed builds underground or under snow pits to accommodate. Arctic hare sometimes travel in groups, individuals gathering together in large numbers. In contrast, in captivity, this animal is solitary.

3. Angora Rabbit

Angora rabbit is a native of Turkey, the city Angora (Ankara region).

His silky coat that covers his entire body attracts the most to this breed of rabbit.

In the ‘80s The American Association of  Angora rabbit breeders have recognized four main rabbit breeds that are consider the major ones by many other organizations in this industry. They are:

1) English Angora,
2) French Angora,
3) Giant Angora,
4) Satin Angora

4. French Butterfly Rabbit

French butterfly rabbit is considered as one of the largest breeds rabbits (it was surpassed in this kind of top by the Belgian Giant and Giant Chinchilla). It is one of  the11 breeds of rabbits, whose standards stipulate the existence of the characteristic markings (spots).

The name “French butterfly” is not really correct, because this breed does not have a well established home. Depending on the country of origin, the butterfly can have several names:

1) German Butterfly Rabbit,
2) Lorrain (Netherlands),
3) Lapin Tachete Suisse (Switzerland)

The breed name comes from the black spot that outlines the rabbit nose (it looks like a butterfly stain).

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