3 Types of Green Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Choosing and installing an environmentally friendly hardwood floor is an increasingly common feature on the homeowner demand lists, who want to have a pleasant environment, easy to maintain and beneficial to the health.

And in fact this is the truth; a green hardwood floor is a modern and practical solution for your home. It remains clean for a long time, is easy to maintain, and has a great look.

However, why a green hardwood floors and not a carpet in your home?

A wooden floor is much healthier than a carpet for several reasons among which we can mention:

  • Even if the feeling of “soft” when you walk on a carpet can be enjoyable, this comfortable accessory of homes gather over time, dust mites and other organisms harmful to your  health.
  • Carpets, if not made of natural fibers and untreated chemical, spread also volatile organic compounds impregnated with harmful chemicals.

In addition, the industry provides new interior hardwood floor options that are environmentally friendly, contain no hazardous chemicals and do not contaminate the interior of your home.

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Let’s look at some of the best options.

1| Environmentally Friendly Cork Flooring

Cork is a material attractive, sustainable, durable and beneficial for people suffering from allergies. Moreover, environmentally friendly cork flooring is considered environmentally friendly because it can be recycled many times.

Manufacturers offer a wide and varied range of colors and designs that can perfectly mimic tile, stone, etc. In addition, it is very easy to install and maintain.

However, make sure that product you buy is not treated with formaldehyde (a toxic substance) and the used varnish is water based.

2| Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is an environmentally friendly solution for the environment, because this tree (actually a kind of grass) recovers very quickly in nature (it has an incredible growth rate), unlike other trees exploited for the same reason.

In fact, its great advantage is that it perfectly mimics the solid wood flooring, also having a similar resistance if not bigger than it.

However make sure that buy bamboo flooring from a company that follows the principles of the environmentally friendly production, as some manufacturers use sealants and waxy substances that contain chemical compounds.

3| Environmentally Friendly Eucalyptus Flooring

Eucalyptus wood flooring is produced, usually by combining it with another type of wood (poplar, pine or birch).

Resistant to weather and traffic, it will cover the floor of your house for decades, without the need for any special maintenance or having to replace it.

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