Glass Floor in Interior Decoration

If glass floor in a restaurant or a club is no longer a novelty, glass floors in a house or apartment are still a rarity.

However, if you want to decorate your home according to the latest trends in the field, this exceptional finishes should not miss the scenery.

As an innovation in interior decoration, glass floor will not only be a modern element of decoration, but will bring some practical advantages.

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Luminosity: Glass helps create a stronger effect of brightness and more space for any room of your home where it is present.

Focal Point: It will also create a visual center of interest in decorating, adding a touch of charm and elegance to your house.

Safety: If you worry about safety that has such a floor, you should know that it will offer the same resistance that is provided by the classic wooden or concrete floors, because glass floors are usually made ​​of laminated glass.

This particular type of finish is not present in many living spaces, but those that integrate glass in interior decoration use this material more for decoration purposes than practical, and most often glass floors occupy only a part of the room surface not the entire surface.

Regardless of the objective, the effect is spectacular.

Glass Floor & Room Decorating Style

However, you need to consider the decorating style of the room, because not every room can have such type of finish.

It can be successfully included in a space decorated in Mediterranean, urban, modern or traditional style. If you’re looking to accomplish such a décor, then it is important to seek professional help.

The laminated glass will be mounted on a steel structure. Inside you can mount all kinds of decorative elements, thus creating unique décor.

You can “accessorize” the floor with sand, shells, coral and starfish to get a nautical inspired decorating. Glass can be transparent, matte, plain or colored.

The choice depends on your preferences, but also on the interior design style of your home.

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