How to Get Friendly with an Unknown Dog

There should be no home without a dog. After all, the dog is man’s best friend. There is a main reason why the dog is considered man’s best friend. And that is that dogs are always loyal and their unconditional love apparently knows no bounds.

Knowing a Unknown Dog

So of course, your friendship with a dog should be something absolutely normal.

But what do you do when you are dealing with a completely unknown dog?

For example, you walk through a park and see a cute dog, ready to be spoiled. You want to pet it and go directly to it. What do you do next?

However, you have you considered that your gesture can possibly end with barking or even a bite.

To avoid this unpleasant situation, let’s see what is recommended by all experts.

1| First of all, you should ask permission from his owner to touch it and ask him if his dog bite. He knows perfectly if his pet likes foreigners or if the animal is in a good mood that day.

A dog is generally an animal that can easily excite and therefore it needs some time to calm down. So, maybe just with 5 minutes before you meet the dog, it had a fight with another dog and still is nervous and not too glad to get acquainted with someone unknown.

2| If the owner gives his consent, let the dog make the first move. Allow him to smell you to gain confidence in yourself. After all, this is their way to meet someone.

3| Ask the owner, what is the name his dog and then just pronounce the name slowly without raising the tone.

4| Anyway try to talk in a quiet, calm and constant tone. Any change of tone can make the animal becomes suspicious.

5| Make slow movements, so as not to scare the dog. Think about it! How it will be to come to you a stranger, who suddenly will give you a hug and will kiss you.

What will be your reaction?

6| The last step is to touch him. However, at first, do not touch the dog on his head or neck. It will feel threatened. It is better to start with the under the neck or chest areas.

7| Now, the friendship is already created!

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