A New Trend, Rocks Inside Homes

Rocks, Stones! First humankind construction material. Everybody knows that rocks are strong, unique and wonderful bits of Earth that have a great resilience and have successfully resided in nature for millions of years. They are used in almost every construction project for thousands of years.

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But today there is a new trend in interior design that puts these ordinary rocks and stones inside contemporary homes. Yeah, maybe nothing new for log cabins, cottages or rustic lodges, where you can expect to find the most unexpected and beautiful natural pieces, but increasing more in contemporary and modern spaces, where clean edges and slick surfaces and abound.

Rocks Inside Homes – Ideas

• Under a wooden wall made from weathered, salvaged wood rocks can provide an ideal and beautiful natural foundation.
• Rocks are an excellent and ideal transition way from outside inside; the smooth oval river stones and rocks add a natural shape and texture to any contemporary home.
• A small, tiny rock foot bed outside your bathtub creates a spa-like feeling in any contemporary bathroom.
• With light or even dark grey being your neutral choice wall treatment, a grey rock perimeter can add fancy detail in a comfortably and luxurious modern living room.
• Rocks vary greatly in shapes and have similar without being identical in sizes and hues, providing warmth and texture to a contemporary bathroom.
• An outdoor eating area or patio can be a smart extension of your living room, and rocks of different sizes and shapes can create a visually appealing break in the concrete surface of the contemporary patio.
• The earthiness and the natural feel of the rocks can make a surrounding rock bed of the bath tub to enhance the bathing experience increasing the relaxation.
• Matching rocks with dark wood tones will provide an amazing and stunning visual transition from the beauty of natural wood grain to the rest of your contemporary home.
• When you have plenty of natural in your home, adding other natural elements such as wood or rocks will enhance the fresh and airy feeling of the whole space.

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