A Romantic Style for Your Home Decoration – Shabby Chic

In today’s daily hustle and bustle and stress, you need your own place – warm, friendly, welcoming and elegant at the same time. So let yourself be seduced by vaporous materials, delicate tones and adopt shabby chic for your home – a style that is back in force again – and is recommended by most of the leaders in interior design. Your home will seem certainly detached from a novel of classical times.

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Shabby chic has a comeback in the arrangements and interior decorating because of pastel shades, floral prints and antique finishes that define it.

This style shows great sensitivity and femininity making it ideal for romantic natures. It is a style that combines, in a pleasant way, the old and new, focusing on details, on the well-chosen decor elements and on vintage items.

Shabby Chic Decorating Tips

You can adopt it successfully in your home for a classic simplicity look. Use pastel colors for both walls and the accessories that you use in the room. Then hang the floral paintings or mirrors with an antiquing look. Create small contrasts with strong colors, buying sofas, armchairs, in shades of fuchsia or purple, over which you can lay discolored or slightly yellowed fabrics to give a unique touch to your home.

Beautify your hallway or living room with a small and delicately painted table; in this way you’ll create a touch of sophistication.

Also add personal touches such as floor covering with simple foot mats from natural fabrics. The room will look charming, bohemian and will delight your guests and friends. A string of pearls hanging from the corner of your bedroom bed, a soft frilly pillow, a mirror with a frame with vintage look, a lamp sitting on the bedside table are just some of the details that will give originality your home shabby chic.


As decorations, you can use porcelain dolls, fine cups, little embellished boxes, slightly antique clocks and beautifully painted vases filled with natural flowers or bouquets of roses or peonies.

Enjoy Your Shabby Chic Décor

During the day, let the sunlight to pass easily through the fine and laced curtains and immerse yourself in your comfortable floral couch with your favorite book in hand.

In the evening under a warm light of a flowered lampshade or a small chandelier enjoy a flavored cup of tea. You’ll feel ready for a new day!

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