Adding Vintage Touches to Your Home

The best thing about any home decorating style is you can easily improvise even change as you wish using only a few tricks and by adding some small touches that can improve the look of your house.

For example, modern and contemporary homes may acquire a charming old look just by adding several strategically placed accessories, decorations or/and old furniture pieces.

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Let’s see together how adding vintage touches to your home can improve the overall look of interior décor.

Recover and Reuse Old Items

You can display almost any kind of vintage items such as kitchen gadgets (canisters, mixers, meat slicer, pitchers, etc.), tin cans, lamps and generally all kind of old stuff. These antiques are a glimpse of old times, delightful and fond memories of the days gone by.

These vintage pieces are not just charming they are also educational and can be used for different purposes. They can be used as attractive and wonderful center pieces or maybe as vases for your flowers.

Old Artwork

The old artwork can add finesse, charm and even a touch of luxury to any room whether is a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom or even a kitchen.

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Vintage photographs and paintings can immediately draw your guest eye. After all, each of them has a history and a story that intrigue the one who stops to take a glance on it. The wonderful thing about these vintage artworks is that they show exactly how it the life was once. In fact a vintage picture is a frozen life moment in time.

Anyone can have a better idea of ​​what it was once a day in the life.

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Vintage Furniture

You do not have to buy an entire antique or vintage living room set or bedroom set to enjoy the high quality and beauty of these old furnishings.

All you need is several vintage furniture pieces such as a hall table, end table or maybe a special chair.

Surely they will bring the old charm and why not, luxury in the room.

“Vintage” Wallpaper

Almost certainly you will not be able to find an authentic vintage wallpaper. However, an old wallpaper can be quite brittle and it is almost impossible to use it. So the best solution is to find a wallpaper with pattern that look vintage.

In fact, what is a vintage wallpaper? They were vividly coloured with images ranging from odd shapes to flowers. You can find easily a wallpaper with a vintage look. So, put up this kind of wallpaper and your room will get instantly a vintage look.

Antique Light Fixtures

Whit a charming vintage light fixture you can turn an ordinary dining room into an elegant and luxurious dining area. Actually, that can be applied to any kind of room from the kitchen to the entrance of the house.

There is something elegant and special about antique light fixtures that make any room really stand out. The explanation is simple. In the old days, light fixtures were truly works of art, detailed and very ornate and detailed having a great refinement.

Vintage Wall Sconces

Antique wall sconces are also a charming addition to a home entrance, a hallway and in fact, to any room. They bring in the same time, bit of warmth and class to your favorite living areas.

There are a wide range of kinds and styles and kinds such as the ones that hold candles or simple electric ones.

Old Kind of Faucets

If you wish to complete the vintage aspect in your bathroom or kitchen then try to install vintage faucets. These are still functional as well as beautiful plumbing objects.

All it takes is to give free reign to your creativity and imagination and of course, to do some research to find that right antique piece for your home that can add some from the old charm to your house.