Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Studio Apartment

Obviously, everyone wants to live in houses and large apartments, with at least 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, huge living room and a large balcony. It would be a pretty big difference from than to live in a studio apartment, which is basically just a small one room apartment with a small kitchen and a bathroom. The room is at the same time both your bedroom and your living room.

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But, living in a large apartment or house cost a lot. Given the limited budget for a single person, student or young couple with no children, a studio can be very well suited home, having however, as any other thing, its own advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s review them together.

The Advantages of a Studio Apartment

1| A studio is easy and inexpensive to be furnished and maintained. It is obvious that you bought a studio apartment because you did not have money for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. However, the bright side is that you will not pay too much for its painting, an operation that you can perform by yourself in one day. You do not either need too much furniture. A bed (you could even give up on it and limit yourself to a futon or a sofa bed), a wardrobe, TV or computer table, a chair and maybe an armchair is more than enough. A small table and two chairs for dining, plus a China cabinet can be a luxury, but still a necessary luxury.

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2| In fact, a studio apartment provide enough space for you to perform all your household chores in good conditions how long everything you need is in one place.

3| You will have lower costs with maintenance and utilities. You have only 3 radiators in the house. In the kitchen, bathroom and your room. Probably the one in the bathroom you’ll keep more shut off. So you can save on your heating bill.

4| A studio can have a bohemian air. A studio arranged tastefully minimalist, with possibly different books stacked in a corner of the room, directly on the floor, plus a few bottles of wine in a wooden support, it would seem that this small and cozy apartment is inhabited by an artist, writer or photographer, with a bohemian lifestyle.

5| A bachelor is commonly located in good locations with many facilities and advantageous travel links. So, it will be great for your daily life.

The Disadvantages of a Studio Apartment

The first and most obvious disadvantage is that the studio has a limited space and often insufficient. If you have many clothes or you’re the kind of person who feels suffocated by the cramped space, if you are more than two people who must live together or if you have visitors, friends who stay overnight at you, obviously a studio apartment is not a good solution. Before choosing to live in an apartment you should carefully weigh the options that you have.

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