How to Control Ants in Your House and Yard

There are many ant species that live around your house or in your yard. They are attracted into your home by food debris. Many of them are harmless but no less annoying.

However, while some species of ants are innocuous, others such as fire ants are extremely dangerous, even deadly, especially to people allergic to bees or wasp stings. Children are most susceptible to these terrible insect bites. Fire ant stings can cause illness and even death of children.

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Do Not Let Fire Ants Enter Your Home

It is imperative to take immediate action if you see fire ants in your home. The first thing you need to do is to grab your insect spray. Let the other control methods for later. Fire ants may swarm quickly and can severely harm your children and pets.

You can use also, vinegar or boric acid if you do not have any insect spray in your home or you are against the use of chemicals.

How to Make an Ant Bait

Making an ant bait is very simple. Fire ants like every other species of ants love to eat greasy foods. You need only to feed these ants the food they like mixed up with poison.

One of the simplest food but preferred by fire ants is yellow corn meal mixed up with oil and poison. Most of the ant species, such as crazy ants, sugar ants or ghost ants enjoy sugar so you can use sugary syrup mixed up with boric acid.

You can use also, so-called ant bait “motels”. They are simple small boxes that contain an ant attractant and have their interior filled with a sticky product that traps these insects.

Use Baits in Accordance to Label Indication

Use the ant baits only in accordance to their label directions. It is a common mistake to place these baits in top of their anthill. You should know that ants would ignore the food placed on top of their hill. The best is to place the bait 1 or 2 feet away from their hill. Also, do not use too much bait. A small quantity is sufficient.

Granular and Pour-On Poisons

Granular and Pour-On poisons can be applied and poured directly on top, inside or around anthill. Not all of these kinds of ant poisons require watering but some of them do.

A problem could be if you are dealing with carpenter ants or bull ants. It is quite difficult to locate their nest that is usually placed under the home foundation. However, you need to pour the bait to the infested area therefore it is better to ask a professional to do this. Only they have all the necessary equipment to apply the poison directly in their hill.

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