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A balcony is worth is really gold for a city apartment. It is the outdoor oasis. No matter the size when it is a gorgeous day, and the inside of your apartment is hot it will be great to find a refuge on the balcony. However, a small balcony requires a rigorous overview of the possibilities and a good deal of creativity and imagination to get the most out of its limited space. The rule of thumb is to make it clear what you wish to use your balcony for, and then, only then to arrange it as needed.

Balcony design: good tips and smart ideas to get inspiration from

1. Begin your decorating project by making a balcony floor plan. In this way that you can get an eagle view of how to deal with the space.

2. Then make a compressive list of everything you need for the balcony.

For example, you can ask yourself:

  • How many people could be on the balcony at the same time?
    • Do you have enough space for a dining table, or is it fine with just a coffee table?
    • Do you need storage space on your balcony?
    • Should there be a sunbathing space or a space for your barbecue?

3. Now it is the right time to look for outdoor furniture for your balcony. There a lot of range of outdoor furniture options that are suitable for all kinds of balconies, small or larges. The right furniture for your balcony will save a lot of outdoor space and it will bring joy every year.

4. Make sure the whole woodwork is stained and oiled to protect the items. The balcony walls should also be painted.

5. If your balcony is not covered, it is a smart idea to procure a sun sail or a large parasol. Attention: the parasol base can steal a lot of space.

There are hundreds of tips and inspiration ideas for furnishing and decorating all kinds of balconies from the small and narrow balconies to the romantic and stylish ones. So, it is quite difficult to present all of them in this article. However, allow me to give you some tips and ways that can help you in your balcony makeover.

Use lots of textiles on your balcony

Even on a few square feet, you can easily and simply create a cozy and comfortable look with plenty of fine blankets, rugs, cushions, and tablecloths, in a way that your balcony will feel like an outdoor extension of the living room.

In the last time there has always been a focus on special outdoor textiles that can withstand weather vicissitudes, so don’t be afraid and use them to decorate your balcony.

Create personality on the balcony with flowers and green plants

Wooden boxes with flowers, large plants in ceramic pots, mini trees in large concrete pots and adorable climbing plants can turn your balcony into a garden creating a lush oasis that awakens all our senses.

Create a feeling of luxury on the balcony with a daybed

Go all the way in a balcony dΓ©cor glamour and furnish it with a comfortable daybed where you can spend warm evenings all summer long.

Creating zones on your balcony – inspiring ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a large balcony terrace, use it to create different and functional areas. For example, for a beautiful outdoor dining area, a cozy little reading corner and so on.

Use screens on your balcony for privacy

Now, your balcony is beautiful, but the neighbors can see everything you do.

Of course, do you want privacy. A good idea is to look for some screening solution, which can ensure you a private balcony oasis. It can be a cozy willow fence or a wooden lattice, covered by climbing green plants which perfectly blends in well with the outdoors.

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