Beach House Decorating Style

You are a nostalgic and romantic person. You love large, breezy, sunny spaces, bold colors and maritime-theme decors. In this case, the best style for your home decoration is beach house style decorating.

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No matter where you live on the ocean shore or not, you can create a beach inspired look for your home. You can bring the atmosphere of a small beach bungalow in your home.

Whether you want to apply this beach theme to a single room or to your entire home, it is very easy and simply to do.

Beach house decorating style is in fact a casual cottage style and is distinguished by a clean, uncluttered, bright, relaxed and airy style. It is relatively easy to give a maritime accent to your home that characterizes this style. Whether your home is a house or apartment, you can have that particular feeling that only someone who lives on the coast can have it.

Beach Cottage Style Characteristics

Two main factors characterize this style.

  1. First, you need to get rid of clutter, because a messy home creates a fatigue feeling. Only decluttering your home can bring you an inner peace.  In fact, therein lies the secret of creating a sense of open, peaceful and serene spaces that just a beach cottage can give it.
  2. Second, you need ocean and beach items to create this coastal living atmosphere. Shells, sea urchins, starfishes, fishing nets, thrown ashore branches, stones, everything can create this unique look.
Beach Cottage Style Colors

Of course, the colors inspired by the maritime environment are the best suited for this topic. Colors and tones such as pale shades of green or blue, shell and coral shades or sand color will bring you serenity and inner peace.

However, no matter what colors you choose, always try to have a balance between cool and warm colors. For example if you choose a shade of blue, which is really, appropriate for your theme, try to bring a warmth feeling with a touch of shell pink.

DO NOT use neutral colors for your walls. This would spoil the chosen theme. Pale or, why not, even bold shades of green or blue are highly recommended. Only one thing I would mention here. Make sure that many objects in the room are white. Only in this way, you can bring an airy and bright look.

Beach Cottage Style Walls

If you want the unique look of a beach house retreat then you need to apply vertically or horizontally white board paneling on your walls or even, on your ceilings.

Your walls painted in a beautiful shade of blue and your white board paneling will create a special effect. Have you ever seen Santorini, the Greek Aegean island gem with its blue and white magnificent buildings?

Beach Cottage Style Windows

Windows play an important role in this decoration type. In fact, windows should be as simple as possible.

White wooden or plastic blinds have a great aesthetic effect. Or perhaps you prefer reed or natural roll-down shades. However, if you prefer curtains, choose light weight, airy and colorful curtains. They must be transparent to allow the natural light to penetrate inside of your room.

Beach Cottage Style Floors

Floor usually, has a high visual impact. Floors should be simple and in no circumstances, carpeted. The best are painted or natural wooden floors, covered only with one or two small and lightweight rugs.

A smart choice may also be a bamboo floor.

Beach Cottage Style Furniture

Light wood furniture, painted white or wicker furniture are the most suitable options. Too many pieces of furniture will give a crowded, heavy feeling.

Several, chairs, armchairs and couches are more than enough. However, do not be afraid to use some accent furniture pieces such as wicker wardrobes, baskets or perhaps one or two antique and valuable furniture pieces.

Painting, Sculptures & … Maritime Stuff

Do not load your walls with paintings. One or two paintings with thin frame are sufficient. If you can afford, a beautiful statue will have a great aesthetic effect.

Unleash your imagination. Collect and decorate. Fishing nets, lacquered branches, shells, sea urchins, starfishes, etc.

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