How to combine the living room with a hallway?

Living room and hall combined – a big arrangement challenge.

It can be difficult to organize the hall and living room together, especially for those who lack experience. The primary purpose of a space used to store shoes and outerwear should be practicality. However, aesthetic considerations cannot be disregarded in a scenario where it is a crucial component of the everyday zone. How should a hallway that leads to the living room be set up to respectably represent your house?

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Modern apartment layouts gradually move away from distinct physical borders separating each zone in favor of just delineating contractual boundaries in a single open common area. Even the tiny usable area of contemporary apartments or semi-detached homes may benefit from such a change.

Giving up partitions, walls, or doors enables you to obtain a larger, brighter, and significantly more flexible room. The popularity of the kitchen and living room combo is mostly due to this reason. The living room with a kitchenette is now increasingly frequently connected via a passageway.

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Living room combined with a hall – It can work?


There are many advantages to opening the living room to the hallway. A modest hall that is connected to the living space, for starters, appears larger and better lit, making it more appealing.

Families with children, who typically collect a small group of people to go out, will undoubtedly enjoy how much easier it is to move around in such an interior. Changing shoes or seeing the entire figure before leaving the house is much more convenient in an open area than it is in a dark hallway.

The day zone also benefits from the physical connection between the hall and the living room. Eliminating the structural components that divide the interiors from one another is highly advised if you want a modern living room that is in line with catalogue designs.


People visiting your apartment might believe that jackets and shoes are left in the living room if there is a hallway leading to the relaxation area. You should approach the interior arrangement with great care if you want to correct this and avoid giving the sense of disarray. Keep in mind that nothing will be concealed from visitors’ view in an apartment with such a layout, so paying attention to detail is crucial.

Both areas can be difficult to keep clean, especially in the winter when it is simple to track mud and other debris inside the house. This includes stained or splashed walls in addition to sand-covered flooring. Consider using materials that are resistant to dirt to polish these surfaces to give the overall effect of neatness. Use stain-resistant latex paints on the walls and ceramic tiles for the hallway floor.

How to properly combine your living room with the hall?

How should a hallway that leads to the living room be set up? The idea for the arrangement should come first. The concept of contrast may be used to combine the two rooms. Then, you will design a typical interior partition and give each element of decor a specific role. You may choose, for this reason, to use wallpaper, paint the walls a different color, or finish the floors differently in each zone.

The everyday zone can also be coherently connected to the hall that is open to the living room. Keep in mind that the layout of the living room (and kitchen, if the kitchen is open to the living room) should match the materials used for the hall’s floors, walls, and furnishings. It is ideal for these elements to be of the same color and design.

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