How to Install a Toilet in a Rural Home

It is a question that many ask themselves, especially those living in the countryside or own a vacation home.  There are many who are not connected to a septic system and the installation of such system would unbalance quite seriously their budget.

Of course, you can install a sink draining into a pit and use a composting toilet, but it may be only something temporarily for short periods of time. However, if you want to live there for longer periods of time, then you want to improve your comfort and installing a toilet is a step in this direction. It is not easy and the situation may be more complicated if there are no pipes roughed in for a conventionally flush toilet.

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Your Options

Two options are best suited to this issue:

a) Filter Bed Sewage Treatment Systems
b) Installing a Holding Tank and the use of a Saniflo Macerating Toilet

Filter Bed Sewage Treatment System

Filter bed sewage treatment systems can be a good option but have several disadvantages. It involves a land disruption and mess although it requires much less space than a conventional septic bed.

Another minus point would be the price of such a system. The filter bed sewage treatment systems installation cost starts from $8,000. In other words, assuming that this system will last at least 20 years, and considering $400/year depreciation and 5% interest, will cost you about $800/year, not to mention $180 for pumping, that is required at intervals not exceeding two years.

Therefore, perhaps the second option is more appealing to someone who wants to install a flushing toilet in rural areas.

Installing a Holding Tank and the use of a Saniflo Toilet

Installing a holding tank along with the installation of a Saniflo macerating toilet might be the best choice for several reasons.

1| Installing a holding tank does not involve the use of a large land area, such as in the case of filter bed sewage treatment systems.

2| Using a holding tank is more safe than using a filter bed. In fact, is no risk in using this kind of system.

3| The Saniflo macerating toilet requires only one ¾-inch pipe for emptying. The toilet requires a small amount of water and its macerating system liquefies everything and pump it away to the holding tank.  In fact, this environmentally friendly toilet that can be install anywhere is the first sewage treatment system before the holding tank. Saniflo macerating toilet is the best and simplest solution if your home has no pipes.

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