Best Small Living Room Design Ideas, Trends and Inspiration, #7

Furnishing and decorating a small living room

Furnishing and decorating a small living room – only one solution or several smart ways?

It is a huge mistake to try finding a definitive solution for a small living space, just because it is small.

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You need to realize that various and clever design solutions applied to a small environment could be adapted for each living space in part. You will see in our new uploaded video from our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” smart and creative designer solutions for small living spaces with an excellent result.

The video is the 7th part of the popular video series: “Best Small Living Room Design Ideas”.

Best Small Living Room Design Ideas, Trends and Inspiration, #7 (video)

Watch the video and check out more than fifty amazing design ideas. Find the right idea for your own home.

But let’s back to our subject!

How to furnish a small living room?

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We have spoken many times in our articles about furnishing a small living room.

Today, I want to show several design trends regarding the furnishing of a small living room.

Such as:

The correct choice of the living room sofa

Sofa is the most important piece of furniture for the living room.

A smart idea is to choose a sofa size proportional with the size of your living room.

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Choosing a disproportionate sofa size is perhaps one of the most common design mistakes.

Choose a wide, comfortable two- or three-seater sofa and add a footrest, a stool, or an ottoman.

In this way you will be able to save space and at the same time create a comfortable seating area.

Who said there must be a sofa in a living room?

A living room without a sofa? Yeah, it is possible.  After all, when it is coming to furnish a small living room, the choice of a sofa is not always a good idea.

Sometimes the best solution is to opt for an alternative – like one or two pairs of armchairs.

Maybe, it is quite unusual, but it can be a smart furnishing solution.

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These are just two furnishing ideas. We will speak more in our future posts.

In the meantime, watch our video, you will find there many, many superb ideas.

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