How to Freshen-Up Your Living Room Décor

How to freshen up your living room décor?

Are you interested to change the look of your home interior, especially of your living room?

Are you looking for inspiration when it comes to furnishing and decorating?

If the answer at these questions is “yes” please read this post and watch our new uploaded video with the same name: “How to Freshen-Up Your Living Room Décor” (video):

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So, watch the video and get inspired by these smart ideas to freshen up a living room from the latest trends in interior design and color palettes to gadgets and decorative accessories.

Amazing Living Room Décor

Ideas for the living room makeover

Should there be major changes when you freshen up the décor?

The answer is no. Minor changes and quick fixes are enough to upgrade and style your living room.

However, let’s see several clever ideas for who are dreaming to a major change in the living room décor.

When it comes to the living room décor, there are several big changes that you can take in consideration such as new windows, doors, or even a new floor.

These changes will definitely spruce up the overall living room décor.

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Of course, there are many others such as a venetian style painting, stucco, or wooden panels for the walls.

Or you can optimize a reading corner with built-in bookshelf.

What do you think a window (glass) wall instead of windows? If the structure allows you can tear down the wall inserting a huge window instead.

A Living Rooms Gets Character from Modern Art and Colors (

Affordable living room makeover

But let’s back to our post theme. Let’s see how to do a living room makeover on a budget.

For example, you can achieve a Nordic (Scandinavian) style elegance for a few funds.

Just several tips:

  • Use light colors and add contrast in the form of dark furniture pieces and bright color decorative elements.
  • Use only natural materials such as wood, stone, wool, etc.
  • Look for furniture pieces with handcrafted details that can improve the overall look of your living room.
  • Choose furniture pieces with round shapes for a soft, delicate look.
  • Paint the white walls with paint in dusty shades that turn your living room into a calmer and warmer living space.

You will discover many ideas in our new uploaded video.

Another smart example is to create a luxurious hotel atmosphere. Yes, you can do that without spending a fortune. Let’s see several ideas.

  • Use thick area rugs and floor-length curtains.
  • Buy colored vases and glass object instead of the clear ones.
  • Look for furniture pieces with voluminous shapes.
  • Use marble objects or white ceramic decorative accessories.

You will also find numerous inspiring ideas in our new uploaded video that can help you to create a hotel atmosphere in your living room. 

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