Bring In Natural Light – Tubular Skylight a Smart Solution

Tubular Skylight concept is a great idea. It enables you to bring natural light into rooms without openings to the outside, such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, home offices, etc. Natural light is directed from the roof down to the room ceiling level through a tube, made from a material with an exceptional degree of reflection.

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Another advantage that can be taken into account is that, as a Tubular Skylight installation is easy and requires no structural modification of the roof. They fit perfectly between the joists and rafters of your roof.

In fact, tubular skylights are an alternative to, conventional skylights. They provide natural light in inaccessible places, without any solar heat gain. This is great for the hot summer days.

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Tubular Skylight Parts

A Tubular Skylight consists of the following parts:

1. Collector – It gather the natural light at the roof level.

It has a hemispheric shape and it is made from clear glass.

2. Pipe – It directs the natural light down to the room ceiling.

It is made up of Aluminum sheet (a reflectivity of about 99%) that can enhance the light.

3. Diffuser – It diffuses the natural light into the room.

It has a hemispheric or flat shape and it is opal (translucent – milky light) or clear glazing.

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Tubular Skylight Benefits

What can be more Environmentally Friendly than a Tubular Skylight?

These devices are perfectly for those who want to benefit from the most important, clean and inexhaustible energy source, the sunlight.

In fact, Tubular Skylight installation brings for anyone only, benefits.

Colors and spaces look much better seen in natural light, than seen in artificial light.

These Tubular Skylights change completely, the way you feel about your home.

Natural light is antidepressant and brings life in the darkest spots of your home. Now you can grow an exotic plant in your office.

Tubular lights illuminate your house, literally and figuratively.

In U.S. “daylight-pipes” dates back since 1890’s. Today, they are becoming more widespread due to their great advantages.

However, a cloudy day may make Tubular Skylights to be less efficiently.

But even then, you can bring the necessary natural light inside of your home. So-called “Solatube” reflect and concentrate the sunlight inside of a small tube using different lenses and mirrors. This is a smart technology and the next step in Tubular Skylight conception.


Tubular Skylights are one of the greatest additions to any home. They bring natural light inside of your home, cutting down the electricity costs, and promoting good health for you and your family.