Thermal Blinds – Energy Efficient Window Coverings

Curtains, drapes, blinds, even the ordinary ones, have an important role in the energy bills reduction. Difference is evident compared with not having window covered at all. Thermal Blinds are completely different from the normal window blinds. They have outstanding thermal insulation capacity. This makes them particularly effective in maintaining an ambient indoor temperature.

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They are made of a reflective film (foil) and different pressed materials, such as vinyl, cloth or wood. Thermal qualities of these blinds are based on these pressed materials properties, to absorb heat and on reflective film property to reflect sunlight. Also, they can be adjusted to create a soft light in the room, without glare or heat.

Thermal blinds are coming in a wide range of different sizes, colors and styles. They can be also, horizontal or vertical.

However, besides their thermal qualities, thermal blinds can be used successfully to decorate any room. They can be the perfect match for any type of window, bringing a touch of elegance.

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Thermal Blinds Help Lower Energy Cost

Thermal blinds by their innovative design can control the inside room temperature, all the yearlong.

The layered component of these blinds blocks the outside cold air, during winter. During summer, sunlight is reflected by reflective film and the heat is absorbed by the layered component thus keeping the room cool.

In addition, these blinds have the capacity to block the harmful sun rays to get into the room. The interior of the room, furnishings and furniture is protected against fading and damage.

In conclusion, there are obvious advantages. A significant reduction of heating costs in winter, and a reduced need for air conditioning during the summer.

If we think that energy bills can be reduced by 50%, then we can see how advantageous it would be installing these thermal blinds.

After all, it is a smart idea to consider replacing your old blinds with these stylish and also, efficient blinds.

Thermal Blinds Help Against Noise Pollution

This is another major advantage of using thermal blinds.

They are extremely efficient against noise pollution blocking much of the traffic noise or other unwanted environment noise disturbance.

You can enjoy moments of tranquility and peace inside of your home. No wonder, that thermal blinds are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.


Thermal blinds are one of many energy-saving solutions.  It is a good and smart choice for you.

Thermal Blinds lower significantly your overall energy bills.

As I said, thermal blinds come in a wide range of sizes, types, colors and price making impossible not to find the model that you need.