Coloured Oil Paint Can Freshen Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are quite ancient, then maybe you consider replacing them. Replacing the old cupboards is really a good solution that changes and improves the overall appearance of your kitchen.

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However, replacing the old cabinet with new ones has some significant drawbacks, such as:

– It is quite expensive;
– It takes time and is messy;
– Modern cabinets may not fit rustic or classic style of your kitchen;
– Your kitchen furniture has sentimental value;

In this case, the solution is only one. Your kitchen cabinets need some brightening, and you can easily do this by painting them with oil paint. Coloured oil paint can indeed offer a smart and simple way to reinvigorate the look of your old kitchen cupboards, but still you should proceed cautiously, not to ruin your furniture.

Therefore, the best is to try your approach on small surface, preferably somewhere on the cabinet side in a less visible place. It is quite common for many people that led by enthusiasm to venture into this finishing operation that is quite delicate and requires some skill and patience, just to create a disaster. So, test a little paint in one spot, see how it responds and reacts, let it dry and watch again the painted spot after 3-4 days. Only if everything is OK and you are happy you can go ahead with your painting.

However, before starting to paint your cupboards you should do some sanding. A light sanding will enhance the proper absorption of the paint and will also create a even and nice look. The best is to use a 180-grit sander for your sanding job. Taking the cabinet doors off will save time and will facilitate your access in less accessible areas.

Use an old piece of carpet or a protective cloth that can keep your doors in good condition while working.

Patiently apply a coat of paint and allow time to dry before applying the second coat. If the look of the kitchen cupboards after the second coat, is even and has a bright and nice look, there is no need to apply another coat. However if your kitchen cabinets have a light color, you can use Wipe-On Poly instead oil paint. It is a better and faster option creating a harder protective layer than oil. The only disadvantage is that you need to apply at least four or five coats to get a truly protective layer.

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