Create zones if you have an open plan layout

Design zones in the open floor plan

In recent years, the large, open, and modern flowing spaces have become an increasingly popular and popular trend and a solution for contemporary lifestyle – they are giving a feeling of creativity and a welcome and warm openness.

Usually, they bring together three important areas of your home – living, dining, and kitchen. Sometimes, even a small home office.

But large, open spaces can also bring some design challenges with them.


Also, in modern, brand-new residential units is an increasing focus on indoor climate.

Good light conditions, ventilation, and also aesthetical requirements are vital and needed for zones that suit the specific of every living area and suit also the needs of different work tasks.


Not to mention that we all use these large, open space differently.

After all, interior adaptability and flexibility have become a necessity.

A practical solution is to create zones, one for each, specific living area.

In this way it becomes much easier to achieve good communication, and comfortable living condition with a focus on aesthetics, acoustics, and light.

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Create zones if you have an open plan layout | Simple Ways to Create a New Home Interior, #4 (video)

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Simple tricks that accentuate an open plan

People and of course, interior designers and architects, are increasingly interested in the lifestyle possibilities that open-plan living offers.

However, many of us are often scared away only by the thought of large, cold, and impersonal living spaces.


So, to avoid a large open space that seems impersonal and boring, it often works best to incorporate simple elements, architectural or just furniture and decorative elements that can define and create different zones in your open space.


This can be done, for example, by separating walls, panels, changing the floor level, adding kitchen islands, area rugs, furniture pieces and so on.

Working with these simple elements, you can successfully emphasize the feeling of your home interior and create at the same time a much more interesting living space.

So, define the zones and your home will look much, much better.


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