Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas, #19

How to fit the things and how to create a beautiful and cozy interior in a small apartment?

The idea of โ€‹โ€‹moving to a smaller living space (downsizing) can be overwhelming: How to fit the things and how to create a beautiful and cozy interior in your small new apartment?

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Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas, #19 (video)

We listed in our new uploaded video, tips, ways, and ideas for furnishing and decorating a small apartment. The interior design of your own small apartment should be planned well in advance of moving. These tips are also helpful for those who are thinking about how to get the most out of the limited square footage in their living space.

Moving in a smaller living space.

First get rid of the most of your old stuff โ€“ sell, give it away, and recycle before moving.

Make an inventory of the old household furniture. Moving is a great reason to replace most of it. It makes sense to go through your stuff, especially when moving to a small home interior. Planning, organizing, and arranging a new apartment is much easier when there is just as much stuff as you need.

You should also measure the furniture dimensions before moving. If you somehow notice that some of your old furniture pieces are too large for your new apartment, it’s easier to sell it or recycle it before moving.

Take advantage of a high ceiling.

The main rule for furnishing and decorating a small apartment is to properly use the space vertically. In this way, a same floor area can often accommodate more stuff. For example, a tall wooden cabinet, will have almost twice as much storage space compared to a lower one.

You can also display indoor houseplants and decorative objects beautifully with the help of wall-mounted shelves.

More than that, if the living space height of is much higher than normal, then building a loft as a place to sleep is a great idea, especially when you are living in a studio apartment. In this way you will get more floor space, for other things.

Lightweight furniture leaves space and is easy to move.

By choosing lightweight furniture, you can make your small apartment seems bigger. Lightweight, stackable, and easy to move around.

Glass and transparent tables and chairs also create lightness and airiness in your small living space.

Invest in multipurpose conversion furniture. Today, convertible furniture is sold ready-made, but you can also develop and build it yourself. Could your sofa be a bed at the same time, and could you store bedding inside the sofa? Or what would a closet bed sound like? The dining table can function as a writing desk, and for example, folding furniture can be converted into additional surface area when needed.

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