Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas, #34


Are you looking for some inspiration to decorate your small apartment?

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If so, you will love the latest video from Grig Stamate, the creator of the popular video series “Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas”.

Small Apartment #1

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Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas, #34 (video)

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In this video, which is the 34th part of the series, you will see a variety of small apartments that showcase different design styles, colors, and layouts. You will discover how to use smart furniture, multifunctional pieces, and clever storage solutions to maximize your space and functionality. You will also learn how to add personality and charm to your small apartment with accessories, artwork, and plants.

Some of the highlights of this video include:

  • A cozy studio apartment with a Scandinavian vibe, featuring a loft bed, a sofa bed, a dining table, and a kitchenette in one open space. The apartment is decorated with light wood, white walls, and pops of green and yellow.
  • A modern and minimalist apartment with a sleek and sophisticated look, featuring a sliding wall that separates the bedroom from the living area. The apartment is furnished with black and white furniture, a large TV, and a built-in closet.
  • A colorful and eclectic apartment with a bohemian flair, featuring a mix of patterns, textures, and materials. The apartment has a sofa bed, a coffee table, a bookshelf, and a kitchenette in the living area, and a loft bed, a desk, and a wardrobe in the sleeping area.
  • A rustic and cozy apartment with a farmhouse style, featuring walls in a trendy color, a gorgeous hardwood floor, and floor to ceiling windows. The apartment has a sofa, a coffee table, a TV, and a kitchenette in the living area, and a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser in the bedroom.
  • A small apartment in an amazing color scheme: light grey sofa adorned with navy blue and white decorative pillows, small kitchen with mustard color cabinets and dining chairs in brown color.

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