“Schluter-Ditra” – A Perfect Underlayment for Ceramic and Stone Tile

Tile, whether ceramic or stone are ideal for covering any type of surface.They are extremely durable, hygienic and quite easy to maintain. More than that, tiles can be easily installed on almost any surface.

However, today due to new technologies, materials and construction trends are increasingly preferred more the lightweight constructions. Therefore, installing tiles on hard surfaces is becoming less preferred. Surfaces to be covered are made of lightweight and elastic materials, especially wood and wood products making the tile installation challenging.

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Thus it is needed a specific underlayment to take this flexibility and elasticity of the surface protecting in this way, the integrity of the tiled surface and that can perform all the required other functions.

What is Schluter-Ditra?

Schluter-Ditra is just this kind of underlayment and is actually composed of two layers laminated together

a) A polyethylene membrane that has a square pattern structure (small cavities that are cut in a dovetail shape);
b) A specific anchoring fleece layer at the bottom;

Schluter-Ditra Installation

This revolutionary underlayment is glued to the substrate with a very thin layer of mortar with the anchoring fleece layer completely engaged into the mortar layer.

Over Schluter-Ditra is applied another thin mortar layer and the ceramic or stone tiles can be installed. The mortar layer will be strongly anchored in the membrane square cavities.

Schluter-Ditra Benefits

1| Uncoupling: This tile underlayment provides a flexible and elastic uncoupling that eliminates in fact, the most causes of delaminating and cracking of the tiled area such as the difference between tiles and substrate movements or the substrate vibrations.

2| Load Supporting and Distribution: Load is taken and distributed evenly by this revolutionary underlayment, making Schluter-Ditra to be an excellent and preferred choice for rooms with heavy traffic. It is almost incompressible without sacrificing this important characteristic, which is the distribution of point loads. This will protect and preserve the integrity of the tiled surface.

3| Waterproofing: This is another extremely important feature of Schluter-Ditra. Waterproofing means that the wooden substrate is completely  protected from water infiltration.

4| Lightweight: It is a very lightweight material, incomparably easier than plywood or cement backer board (nearly 95% lighter).

5| A Thin Underlayment:   Schluter-Ditra is incredible thin, not more than 1/8-in thick.

6| Good Moisture Management: Due to its thin channels that are on the matting underside, Schluter-Ditra can manage excellent the excess moisture creating a way for its removal from the substrate.

7| Easy Installation: It requires an easy and quick installation without fasteners or the help of special tools. More than that, tiles can be installed immediately after Schluter-Ditra.

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