DESIGN TRENDS, Balance and Harmony, CALM with A FLASH of COLOR


It is all about finding balance and harmony in our homes, as we seek to create spaces that are eco-friendly, holistic, comfortable, and relaxing. Whether you want to refresh your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, here are some tips and ideas on how to achieve a trendy, balanced and harmonious home interior.

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DESIGN TRENDS, Balance and Harmony, CALM with A FLASH of COLOR (video)

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One of the main trends for these years is the use of natural materials and colors in home interiors. Think wood, stone, metal, leather, linen, cotton, and wool. These materials add warmth, texture, and character to your space, while also being sustainable and durable. You can also opt for recycled or reclaimed materials for an eco-conscious touch.

For the color palette, go for earthy tones such as beige, brown, gray, green and blue. These colors create a calm and soothing atmosphere, while also reflecting the beauty of nature. You can also add some pops of color with accents such as pillows, rugs, art, or plants.


Another trend for these years is to have some fun with your home interior and express your personality. You can do this by adding some whimsical elements such as playful patterns, quirky shapes, bold prints, or unexpected details. For example, you can use colorful wallpaper with a geometric or floral motif, a funky lamp with a sculptural base, a statement rug with a vibrant design or a unique piece of furniture with a curved or angular form.

You can also personalize your space by displaying your hobbies, interests, memories, or collections. For example, you can create a gallery wall with your favorite photos, artworks or posters, a bookshelf with your favorite books or magazines, a craft room with your creative projects or a music corner with your instruments or records.


Another way to create a trendy, balanced and harmonious home interior is to mix and match different styles and eras. You can do this by combining modern elements with vintage or antique pieces, or blending different influences such as Scandinavian, Mediterranean, or Asian. This way, you can create a unique and eclectic look that reflects your taste and preferences.

For example, you can pair a sleek sofa with a rustic coffee table, a minimalist dining table with some colorful chairs, a mid-century modern dresser with some bohemian accessories or a Moroccan rug with some Japanese lanterns. The key is to find a balance between contrast and cohesion, and to use some common elements such as color, shape, or material to tie everything together.


Finally, one of the most important trends is to create zones for different purposes in your home interior. This means dividing your space into areas that serve different functions such as working, relaxing, entertaining, or sleeping. This way, you can optimize your space and make it more comfortable and versatile.

You can create zones by using furniture, rugs, curtains, screens, or plants to separate or define different areas. For example, you can use a sofa or a bookcase to create a cozy reading nook in your living room, a desk, or a shelf to create a productive home office in your bedroom, a bar cart or a console table to create an inviting entertaining area in your dining room or a canopy bed or a headboard to create a romantic sleeping area in your bedroom.


By following these tips and ideas, you can create a trendy, balanced and harmonious home interior that suits your style and needs.

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