Country style in the interior design – French, Italian, German, and Scandinavian variants

Other interesting variants of country style design

We have seen in the first part of “Country style in interior design” – the English and American variants. Let’s see now other charming directions of this widespread, traditional design style such as French, Italian, German and Scandinavian.

French Country Style

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French country style design

This country style type is also well-known as Provencal style. It is usually characterized by romance and lightness. Why? Because the home interior in this design style turns out to be a light one without being overloaded by unnecessaries details. It also is a divine combination of comfort and rustic chic.

Several known features of French country style design are:

  • obviously, the use of natural materials
  • use of plaster for wall decoration
  • exposed wooden beams
  • vintage, shabby chic furniture and decorative accessories
  • plenty of natural light
  • use of forging in both – décor and furniture structures
  • floral patterns, and extensive use of fresh flowers and dried flowers
  • pale, dusty, and faded colors

Italian country style design

This country style type is also well-known as Tuscan style. It is primarily known for the use of sunny and bright colors.

Baroque style furniture is another feature of this style. An interesting combination of luxury and rustic. All the windows have wooden shutters. Other features are natural fabrics, forging, bronze, etc.

German country style design

German country style is the rustic home interior furnished and decorated with punctuality and neatness. Every material used in furnish, finishes, and decorative accessory is high-quality. The background of the décor is alight finish with half wall panels made from quality wood.

Scandinavian Country Style

Scandinavian country style design

The interior of this design style is functional and simple. In fact, this variant is one of the most popular design styles. In this style coziness and warmth coexist with the facilities of modern comfort.

Naturalness is the main basis of Nordic country style design.

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