Dining table height – everything you need to know

When it comes to buy a new dining table.

Is it the right time to buy a new table for your dining room?

Many times, it is just the shape, style, and color of the furniture pieces that are taken in consideration when buying it. However, you need to take in account many other parameters, such as the height of the dining table. It determines the comfort and general look of the dining room. But how to choose the dining table height? What else to consider when buying furniture for your dining room?

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Dining table height – does it matter?

Are you facing the choice of the most important piece of furniture for your dining room? Before you evaluate the look and feel of all the candidates, and choose your favorite among them, pay attention to some less obvious but equally important issues. One of them is the height of the dining table. This is quite an important parameter affecting not only the comfort of sitting at the table, but sometimes also the functionality of the room in which the table is placed.

In order to properly adjust the height of the table to your dining room, you should first think about who and what the new piece of furniture is intended for. Above all:

  • the height of the table should be matched to the activities performed at it – so the purpose of the table is important (a different table will work as a worktop, and another as a classic element of dining room equipment);
  • the best table height is also determined by the function of the furniture – if it is to be used for zoning, then it is good to choose a higher model; a coffee or auxiliary table will also have a different height;
  • the ideal dining table must be adjusted to the height of the household members – children, adults, very tall or very short people.

The usual height of a dining table

It is assumed that the standard height of the dining table is approx. 75 cm. It is suitable for people with an average height of 160-180 cm. However, such a height can be a problem for both taller and shorter household members.

So, if the table is used not only by adults, but also by small children – a good solution may be to buy chairs of different heights. An interesting option for adults taller than average will also be a table with adjustable height.

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