Discover several indoor plants to place in your home (part 1)

Interior plants – they are named in this way because they can be successfully grown indoors. They are an excellent element decorative. And not only. They have in fact, dual role to decorate the home interior and a healthy role, to clean the house air.

All indoor plants help with the air purification process.

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Beautiful ornamental plants for home decor

Almost of indoor plants are in fact, ornamental plants.  Why? Because they have unique characteristics. They are perfect as decorating accessories, beautifying the home interior.

Their main feature that can have a striking visual effect are the leaves, which have different green nuances and elegant and subtle shapes and sizes that improve the look of any corner of your living space.

Not to mention that many indoor plants have a discreet and pleasant fragrance, which fills the whole room.

Today, it is an increasingly use of indoor plants in the interior design of our homes. Many of them, the large ones, beautify the building entrances.

In addition to purifying the air, indoor plants increase significantly the environment humidity, which favor our breathing.

How to grow the indoor plants?

There are several factors that can be taken in consideration when it comes to grow indoor plants:

1.         Temperature: the ambient temperature must be between 15ΒΊ and 25ΒΊ, to maintain the bright, healthy colors and freshness of the plants.

2.         Humidity: the environment humidity needs to be regulated; it affects the plant health. Indoor plants should be carefully watered. Not too much, because an excess of humidity can lead to a lot of moisture accumulation.

3.         The size of pot (container): it should be large enough for the plant to healthy and strong. Not too large – your plant won’t be able to take the nutrients from the soil. No too small – the plant needs enough space for its roots.

4.         Pest control: It is a smart idea to use a anti-pest products special designed for indoor plants, especially ones that are environmentally friendly.

5.         Natural light: All indoor plants need more or less natural light to grow. So, make sure to know the requirements of your plants.

6.         Fertilizer: It is a good idea to use fertilizer. In this way will give your plant the necessary nutrition.

Basic care for your plants

The placement choice of indoor plants into your home interior is vital, as this must be correct chosen for the plants to thrive.

Let’s see some examples:

Bathrooms: are usually humid and quite hot places. Therefore, exotic plants such bromeliads and ferns are perfect for these rooms.

Bedrooms: They are a little darker than living rooms or dining rooms. Choose orchids. They are the perfect choice. Delicate flowering indoor plants that will bring beauty and style to these rooms.

When it comes to rooms in the open space such as living rooms and dining rooms, lilies are a great choice with their string foliage.

Kitchens: They are a special place of any home. Decorate your kitchen with indoor plants that are aesthetically pleasing and somehow useful for use in your culinary receipts. Obviously, I’m thinking at aromatic herbs. They give a wonderful smell that certainly will improves the quality of your dishes.

That is for today article. Find more in the second part.

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