The Latest Trends in the Living Room Design, #8

Popular and timeless living room design trends

Some interior design trends, especially for living rooms are timeless. More than that they are popular. On the opposite some design trends are constantly alternating and changing.

For example, one of the constantly changing trends in interior design is the color of the wall paint.


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The Latest Trends in the Living Room Design, #8 (video)

How you can see from the title the video is the eighth part of the video series: โ€œThe Latest Trends in the Living Room Designโ€


Brighter living rooms

The brighter living rooms the better. It is so important to have as much natural light as possible but unfortunately not all living rooms have huge, floor-to-ceiling windows. So, pay attention to light fixtures, lamps, lanterns, and candles.


New color palettes

For sure, new year will bring new colors into the overall dรฉcor. We still donโ€™t know precisely which colors, but a thing is certain. Cream, light grey, white which were popular no long time ago, now look a little bit old fashioned.

When it comes to wall paint, the interior designers distinguished two directions:

  • One is natural colors, soft earth tones, and if you want a brighter color accent,
  • Another is maneuver between soft, calm blues and greens, and liven them up with a little pink or lavender

Both directions can be completed with a gold finish.


Bright decorating accents of the 1960s and 1970s are back

Yeah, it is true. The roaring years 1960s and 1970s make a comeback in our homes, especially in the living rooms.

So, purchase a brightly designed sofa or a beautifully ornamented piece of furniture. They will be the focus of your living room.


Wavy lines instead of straight lines

No more straight lines, geometric shapes, and angles. They are no longer fashionable. Now they are being replaced by wavy, soft lines.

More indoor plants

Many indoor plants remain a popular trend in the whole interior design.

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