Double Glazing Sash Windows Save Heat and Reduce Noise

There are many benefits of double glazing windows such as:

a)     Saves energy – it can cut approximately in half the heat lost through window. Thermal insulation is provided by use of argon gas within the double glazed units.

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b)    Reduce the noise level from outside – the level of noise cut depends on the thickness of glass and the use of acoustic glass.

c)     Reduce condensation – condensation is the released water when warm air is in contact with a cooler surface and because double glazed window is warmer than a single glazed window, condensation is reduced.

d)    Helps the environment – double glazing sash windows can cut the home carbon dioxide (CO2) by 5%.

These are obvious great benefits of having your single glazing sash window double glazed, and it is an easily done process. The only question is if this improvement solution will prejudice the overall aesthetic look of your home.

The answer is No. Manufacturer will measure and replicate carefully the existing single glazing sash window. After installation, you will not be able to see any difference in the house look.

However, installation of double glazed windows is an expensive job but it is efficient and economical in a long run.

Before, installation, check with your municipality authorities if you need any permission.

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