Mix old and new to create a unique and personal decor

Get inspiration from your childhood home

Do you want to create “a new Home interior”?

Remember your childhood years and get inspiration from your grandma home, let your soul rules, and furnish and decorate according to your budget.

Living Room with a Vintage Look

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Mix old and new items | Simple Ways to Create a New Home Interior, #7 (video)

This new uploaded video is the seventh part of the new video series, namely:

Simple Ways to Create a New Home Interior”.

Here, many interior designers share their best tips and ideas for creating a unique and personal interior consisting of both old and new finds.

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How do I create a personal and unique home interior?

Choose all the furnishing and decorating items with your heart and follow just the design style that is fit for you.

Perhaps, many of us are worried that their style is not up to the new trendy home interiors, and they wish for general guidelines and design rules they can follow.

In my opinion you need to ignore it and instead look back at your childhood home, to your roots. Be inspired by your own memories and use these when you furnish and decorate your home.

Do not forget that the more and older stuff you have, the more personal your home interior becomes. 

After all, you can see that in interior design magazines and online more and more companies choose to display their newly produced objects with older items.

In this way people can assimilate the new items more easily. They want to see varied, real, and inspiring home interiors where real people live.

If you are new to old, retro, and vintage gadgets and find it difficult to integrate them into your home interior, you can start with small accessories such as glass, ceramics, old fabrics, and cutlery. Consider going to flea markets or to any garage sell.

Which interior stuff is particularly good to look for second hand?

Actually, every item that you can find at flea market or in stores, from rugs and linen fabric to furniture pieces, lamps, and paintings.

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