How to combine trendy shades in your décor (part 1)

Trendy color ideas to explore before redecorating your home interior.

What is new these years in the selection of nuances, hues, and the color palette? How to mix trendy colors and hues in your decor and create a stunning and comfortable home interior?

These are just several questions that we will deal with in our article.

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Eye-Catching Living Room Color Combinations | Decorating with Colors #19 (video)

Trendy color combinations – color palettes to explore.

Everything is a matter of personal preference and taste when it comes to color selection and color mix. Of course, it’s also possible and even indicated to consult a decorator professional, but ultimately, your choices will be based on your own preferences. In conclusion, it’s vital to select a color scheme that truly complements you. However, if you already have some ideas in mind and are unsure of how to successfully combine them, we have some suggestions for you.

Starting with the most obvious hues and color palettes, the experts can anticipate what colors will be all around us in the near future. So, when it comes to trending colors, Pantone Institute is a really good place to start. The Pantone Institute predicts that these years will be characterized by two colors. For example, grey and yellow, black and white, as we already stated in our previous articles. But these two modern color combinations work really well together and make a great foundation for some very creative interior design.

Several ideas for color combinations:

  1. Gray and yellow

Grey paint is perfect for wall décor, as we all know. Our interior design has included grey paint for many years. It can be found in homes and is one of a number of colors that complement various types of interior design. Eda is the perfect fit for a trendy style. Shortly put, grayscale is the new black and is considered to be an extremely versatile neutral. This hue can be soft, cold, or even warm. Actually, it’s a very adaptable and attractive color. Of course, this color could sound flat and dark to certain folks.

But recently, the color grey has undergone significant change and has come to represent sophistication. The yellow color also has a highly upbeat and vibrant tone. It is not advised to paint the entire interior space due to the same paint’s intensity. If it hasn’t already been expressed, there are those who enjoy the concept but gravitate towards the yellow-favored decorative table. Of course, how you include colors, accessories, and lighting will determine how this turns out. However, it is typically advised to incorporate this lovely color into textiles or accessories. It can also be used to build an acoustic wall in a room.

  • Black and white

Nothing is more timeless than black and white when it comes to traditional color choices. Attention: this color combination does not mean monotonous or boring. These two colors work incredibly well together. Together, they achieve the best balance.

White is calming and pure, while black is powerful and dominating. It is obviously polar opposites in terms of tonality. But the reason black and white are so powerful is precisely because of this contrast. Although these colors can be overwhelming when used alone in high concentrations, when combined they greatly enhance one another.

From a visual perspective, the white color stands out significantly more while the black color darkens. When a modern, clean-lined appearance of a home is what is intended, black and white frequently occur in interior design. To make such a lively surface, you may even add neon primary colors or black and white shades. These two hues are really popular across the board in design. They are used by graphic designers as well as interior designers to deliver powerful messages. These hues are still used in the fashion industry despite being equally significant.

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