Lighting a Small Bedroom

Many of us live in one-bedroom apartments, relatively modest in sizes. But, what can you do, this is the price if you want to live in downtown or in the civic center of a municipality.

Benefits are indeed, numerous and attractive. You’re in the middle of a throbbing life, near from all cultural, sports and entertainment facilities that only a big city can offer. Unfortunately, like any other thing in life, living in downtown has a less “bright” side. The surface of a living space is not too generous.

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However, through a smart design and clever use of space, you can create a comfortable and useful home at the same time. There are many important factors if used wisely, can create the illusion of a larger space than it really is. Among these factors, we can include lighting that is crucial, especially for a small apartment.

If an apartment is quite reduced in dimensions, the bedroom tends to adapt to more needs, becoming a multi-functional room. Here you can relax yourself, you can spend romantic moments, you can read, it is not anymore only the place where you go to bed.

Above all, in a one-bedroom apartment, the bedroom should stay last redoubt in the way of daily worries and stress, things tend to become very common nowadays.

Experts in all fields, such as the psychology of interior architecture and design came to the conclusion that in addition to comfort and design, lighting plays a decisive role in getting the perfect bedroom.

For general lighting you have the traditional light fixture. It should be chosen in tone with rest of the objects being proportional to the size of the room. Do not install too large light fixtures or chandeliers in small bedrooms. In fact, this idea can be applied and vice versa. Avoid placing light fixture too small in relation to the size of a room.

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For more convenience, place both switches at the entrance of the room and near the bed. Another secret is to opt for objects embedded in the false ceiling (recessed lamps) for bedroom developed not too high. Light together with the hardwood floor will be able to create a great effect on wall elongation. Otherwise, ie for bedrooms with high ceilings, you can use wall light fixtures. In fact, wall light fixtures are an ideal solution for replacing the standing lamps or coffee table lamps, and are often used for leisure activities. Spotlights are used more in small spaces.

However, if you use to read before bed, then a coffee table lam is more than necessary on the bedside nightstand. It should be in resonance with other elements of interior color, and give a soft light but intense enough as to not affect your eyes. Eventually, you can opt for one with adjustable light intensity.

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