Eclectic Style or the House as a Work of Art

A mix of styles belonging to different countries and periods is called eclectic style. This unique interior design style comes out from the classic frame and plays contrasting elements to create a unique and inspirational decor in your home.
Increasingly appreciated, this interior design style relies on boldness and the expression of a strong personality.

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Are you somehow, this personality?

Anyway, I am convinced that eclectic style will be among your favorites, as it offers the possibility of unusual combinations and can bring together reflections of human personality facets to a unique interior design.

Mixed Styles Creating an Unique Elegant Interior Design Style

You should forget the predetermined interior design rules such as the chromatic rules and try to mix cheerful patterns with vivid and explosive tones.

  • Some suggestions might be, a mix of:
  • Enamel gold and colored glass;
  • Dark brown and orange tones with pastel blue;
  • Old and modern or Metal and wood.

Penetrating through the colored glass, light brings warmth into the room. Therefore, search for old vases and colored glass objects and place them on the window sill. Natural light will penetrate through them, emitting a beam of warm color in the room.

How to Combine Your Furniture?

To create an eclectic style, try to put together mismatched pieces that harmonize naturally. Combine wooden chairs with plastic chairs, furniture with metal legs from the 60s with modern furniture pieces and classic lamps (in other words different types of interior design) and so on.

Inspiration Sources

Journals, albums and books from the 50s and design museums can be ideal sources of inspiration for the eclectic style. Another important source for this interior deign can be works of famous designers, eccentric antiquarians and high class decorators.

Browse online the works of great decorators and designers and will be almost impossible not to find something that suits you.

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Walls and Floors in Eclectic Style

If you keep the walls and flooring in neutral colours then you will be able to create styles and contrasting colours from furniture pieces and accessories.

Vice versa, use brightly colored wallpaper and fabrics to make the walls and the floor your eclectic universe.

Fabrics, Eccentric Objects, and Humor

Bring some uniformity using fabric in colours and similar designs to create a subtle cohesion, basically a new type of interior design.

In addition, you should know that the challenge is part of the eclectic style. The exposure of eccentric objects rhymes with the humor that comes from this interior design  style.

So: “Dare to buy what will make you smile!”

In Conclusion, Two Tips:

1. The clutter appearance is the main danger to be avoided in the eclectic style approach.

2. In the mixing of styles, you can easily fall into excess. Because of this, eclectic style is one of the most difficult styles to put into practice. A good idea would be to call in a specialist for advice.

So if you appreciate the beauty of objects (no matter their provenance and origin) and if you do not want to be locked into one style, then eclectic style is what you are looking for your home.

Consider the home space as a work of art that will intelligently incorporate various decoration elements, to finally get a combination between comfort and your personality, combining into a unique type of interior design.

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