Create contrasts with different kinds of materials

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In our article and the new uploaded video from our YouTube channel, you will discover useful tips and tricks for the interior design of your own living space.

You will learn how to create contrasts using different kinds of materials when it comes to furnish and decorate your home interior.

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Create contrasts with different materials, Simple Ways to Create a New Home Interior, #3 (video)

This new uploaded video is the third part of a new video series, namely:

โ€œSimple Ways to Create a New Home Interiorโ€.


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In this article, we give you good advice and tips on how you can achieve your dream interior design using trends, different kinds of popular materials, styles, colors, and unique additions.

And speaking about materials. You will see here, how different kinds of materials, from wood, ceramic, glass, metal, leather create amazing contrasts that improve the look of your own home interior.


The most popular materials in the today interior design

A mix of different natural materials makes interior design more inviting and more exciting to look at. We therefore also give you interior design inspiration for which materials are popular right now and how you can get them into your home to create a harmonious dรฉcor.


Trendy design ideas

Glossy surfaces and metallic shades have long been in our preferences. Materials such as brass and copper have received the attention of many prominent interior designers and continue to dominate the contemporary home interiors.

More than that, the latest in this trend is that we are starting all kind of materials, not only metals. You will find many modern home interiors in an amazing mix of wood, metals, glass, leather, suede, and so on.

Therefore, furnish and decorate your home with items in metallic shades. You will find many examples in our video.

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