Fireplace Mantel – The Centerpiece of Interior Design

There are so many types of fireplaces but fireplace mantel types are even more. In fact, fireplace is the focal center of each room, the interior design masterpiece.

Some fireplaces come with mantels but some do not. Mantels are known under various names such as fireplace mantels, mantelpieces or chimney-pieces.  Back in time they had a practical role. They acted as a hood over the fire to capture the smoke. Of course, in time, they have evolved and today they play a more decorative than practical role.

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In fact, when we say mantelpiece, we refer to all the external accessories of a fireplace such as shelf, jambs, etc. These accessories make the fireplace one of the most artistic objects of the room.

Therefore, if your fireplace does not have a mantel then you should add one. Mantel will increase the aesthetics of fireplace and the room in general. In fact, fireplace is the comfortable and cozy place where we gather with family and friends to spend unforgettable evenings.

For centuries, mantelpieces were constructed from natural, solid, rich materials such as fine woods, limestone, marble or granite. Later, you could have mantel made from high-density fiberboard with applications in wood moldings or veneer.

Today, we have an infinitely greater opportunity to choose. Choosing, for example, a natural stone mantle, you can change completely the room look and increase the overall value of your home.  You can give rein to your imagination and artistic sense and create an artwork from your fireplace mantel.

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Knick-knacks are all objects that mean something to you and you want to place on the mantel. There are maybe, objects brought from your trips, received from the loved ones or memories. Mantel is the perfect place where you can expose them.

One or two art objects will make the fireplace the focal center of the room.


Fireplace mantel is the ideal place for your important pictures such as pictures of your family, friends or your high school baseball team.


Imagine a spectacular miniature tree on the fireplace mantel. Bonsai itself will captivate the attention of all your guests.


Vases could enter the same category as bonsai. They themselves may be some art objects. Filled with artificial or fresh natural flowers, they will light the room.


Candles are perhaps the most suitable objects for a mantel. Candlesticks will bring elegance and charm to any style.


If you want, your room seems larger place a mirror above the fireplace. Meanwhile, the mirror can give a sense of mystery and intrigue.


However, a painting seems to be the best thing for a mantel. A true work of art finds its best place. It will bring class and style to your room and house.


Potpourri in nice glass bowls will bring joy and fragrances. Light a light in and their trembling light will plait into a romantic fireplace light.